Monday, March 31, 2014

A Sibling Love Story


Greetings!!!  My name is Aslam.

This post is the background which explains Aslam's blog about consensual sibling romance.
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To: Aslam
From: Johnny
Date: 17 February 2014

Dear Aslam,

Regarding my offer to post your incest autobiography on my Google blog, I'm sorry to report that my blog has been deactivated.  

I wanted you to know that I am the person who deactivated the blog.  It wasn't shut down by Google or law enforcement.

The problem started during Christmas of 2013, when my sister Shannon and her family visited for a few days.  I made the grave error of attempting to talk to Shannon about our past relationship, and hinted about wanting to start up something again with her (french kissing).  Big mistake.

Shannon was rightly concerned about my mental state.  During our Christmas discussion, I let Shannon read all of my blog postings.  Shannon told me "Yes, we were each other's first love.  But that's all over now.  Let it go.  We're both happily married and we have kids.  We made vows to our spouses, and we need to honor those vows.  Maybe you're having a mid-life crisis; that happens sometimes.  Give it up, Johnny."

A few days ago, Shannon called and asked me to deactivate all of my blog postings.   Not because she was concerned about the content or us being discovered.  No; she thought that I was getting addicted to the memories of our past.

So as a favor to Shannon, I agreed to erase all copies of everything and deactivate all of my blog postings.  But I couldn't promise that I would stop looking for and reading about lovingly consensual sibling incest on Yahoo! Answers.  Shannon said that's a good start.  Everything on my blog has thus been deleted.  I did not save any of the case histories or my autobiography.

This e-mail account will be deactivated as soon as this message gets sent to you.  

If someone else happened to save copies of the case histories and they get reposted, that's fine.  I don't care.  Once something is posted on the internet, then everything has entered the public domain.  Anyone can capture it, and repost it somewhere else.

Please continue writing your autobiography, and post it on the Google blog site.  It's very easy to set up your own blog account on the Google site.

Best Regards, 


An e-mail sent in reply to Johnny's message was returned as undeliverable.

I was sorry that I did not copy and save the text of Johnny's autobiography, or the case history of Marissa & Caleb.

But I did immediately search the Yahoo! Answers website, and managed to find several of the interesting cases that Johnny had posted.  I have posted the ones that I managed to salvage on my blog, and they can be found here:

My autobiography can be found here: (or click on my avatar image).

Thank you.

 - Aslam